We are an independent 3D design and animation studio based in Nairobi, Kenya.


We specialize in the development of 3D characters and 3D art as well as production of promotional content for TV spots, commercials, social media campaigns and other digital platforms.


We create exciting new characters and personalities to match your product or service and produce distinctive and memorable performances in our animations to the high standards demanded by your audiences and customers.


With each project, we strive to tell great stories that are fun, playful and comedic, stories that appeal to the broadest audience possible and capture their imagination.

Breath Life into your brand!

Connect Inspire Engage

Give your brand an original 3D character and personality.

Memorable Characters


We love animation

Appealing characters and performances to excite and entertain your audience

Playful Fun and Comedic


Star Power

Get in touch and let us bring your vision to life with distinctive visuals that help to build your brand.

Your brand deserves a Star



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