How much for an animation?2021-12-10T19:43:11+03:00

Asking this question is like asking “how much is a house”?

It can cost very little, to very much! It depends on many things, square footage, location, interior etc.

Pricing for an animation/character/project etc.. is determined based on each project after consultation to determine the scope of the project.

Can you draw/animate something for me, and if I like it I will buy/pay deposit?2021-12-10T19:43:05+03:00

Asking this question is like asking you to work for your employer for free.

Short answer is No.

Long answer, is that before we can start any work we have had a consultation/dialogue about your goals for the animation/project. We then provide an estimate of what we expect it to cost, and payment plan before we begin the process.

We don’t work for free just like you don’t work for free.

Can you hurry up please?2021-12-10T20:21:44+03:00

Asking this question is like asking your dentist/brain surgeon to “hurry up”.

We work and provide timelines for when we expect to have the job completed and provide regular updates on progress.

Asking to for a rush job may result in sloppy, unprofessional looking work.

Would you want a sloppy dentist? Or brain surgeon?

That’s not what “insert company name here” charges?2021-12-10T20:30:40+03:00

Refer to FAQ 1

Can I pay next week?2021-12-10T20:33:07+03:00

Errm..? No!

Well, we’ll consult and come up with a payment structure that should be paid during the course of the project.

Can I get an animation done today, next week, next month?2021-12-10T20:34:04+03:00

Refer to FAQ 3

Do you do 2D animation?2021-12-10T20:37:49+03:00

Short answer is No.

Long answer is 2D and 3D animation are two entirely different fields of animation. We are a 3D design and animation studio, therefore our expertise are in 3D related fields, that includes 3D modeling, character design, animation and FX.

What animation software do you use?2021-12-10T20:44:58+03:00

Asking this question is like asking what browser did you use to visit this site?

Short answer is, “it doesn’t matter”

Principles of animation apply regardless of software used to create the animation, which also applies to 2D animation.

Long answer, is too long to explain here, but generally, the choice of software really depends on the kind of animation you are creating. There are lots of resources on Youtube to help you answer this question, and this video does a good job of explaining a lot of the DCC packages out there.

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