• julie_spic_studios_3D_character_design

    Character Design

  • the_joker_epic_studios_texturing

    Lighting, Texturing, Shading and Rendering

  • 3d animation post production and compositing

    Compositing and Post Production

  • Motion Graphics and Design


We’re a digital creative services and video production firm. We provide 3D graphic design, character design and animation, services for arts + culture and entertainment.

Some of the CGI services we offer include;

  • Character Design (stills and animated)
  • Character Animation
  • Typography, motion graphics and design
  • Creation of 3D Scenes
  • Lighting, texturing, shading and rendering
  • Compositing and Post production

For more information  our work please visit our works page.

Love Animation

We aim, to create and deliver beautifully designed characters, appealing animations and effects.

Got a project in mind? Lets make something together!

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